Great News! We're now delivering in the Houston and Austin, Texas areas.    


Host a BloomSocial at home

If you're signed up for our Bloombox deliveries you can host a BloomSocial at home. We will provide you with as many Bloomboxes as you need (at cost price), we'll drop off clippers for you to use, and you build your favorite Bloombox creation with your friends. Why? Because we think flowers are the salt of the earth and everyone should have flowers always and always (as Monet once quoted). So we're making our Bloomboxes social. After all everything is way more fun when your do it with your friends!
How does a BloomSocial work?

How does a BloomSocial work?

  • You get to choose the Bloombox design you want to build (we will give you a few options based on what's in season).
  • We'll drop a sample Bloombox off to you (for free) and you get to have a go at building it. 
  • Emily (our founder) will set up a quick 10 min call with you in case you have any questions on the arrangement. 
  • On the day of your BloomSocial we'll drop off the Bloomboxes & clippers for you to use. 
  • Your friends arrive, they bring their own vases (honestly any vase will work too). 
  • You have the best time building Bloombox creations!
Bloomin' marvelous fun!

Bloomin' marvelous fun!

For us our BloomSocials are a great way to give you access to our Bloomboxes at a great price and for you to have a great time building bloom creations with your friends. It's also the perfect way to spread the word about our Bloombox deliveries (after all seeing is believing!)

If anyone decides to sign up to receive our Bloombox deliveries as a result of your social we will credit you with a free delivery as a thank you from us!

Every sign up = 1 free Bloombox delivery. 

If you have any questions please reach out to us to let us know!

With bloom love,
Matt & Emily 

Contact Us

To select your date to host a BloomSocial drop us an email:

Dates are available 7 days a week, allocated on a first come basis.