Our delivery terms

Matilda's Bloombox is a regular delivery service. This means when you “sign up” for an account you are given a designated delivery day. Beyond this delivery day you have the flexibility to manage your deliveries as and when you want. Simply check the delivery dates you want from the calendar of dates in your profile, you can access those here: https://matildasbloombox.com/Login

The important stuff (our delivery terms):
  1. We are not a subscription company, you are instead charged when your Bloombox is delivered. By agreeing to these terms you agree that payment will be taken automatically from the payment card on file on your designated delivery day. You can update your payment information at any time.
  2. If your choice of payment is ‘rejected’ we will request that you go into your profile and update your payment information (www.matildasbloombox.com/login), if this isn’t done within two weeks after your “unpaid” Bloombox delivery, we do reserve the right to cancel your Bloombox account with us, suspend any further deliveries and request that any outstanding payments be made.  
  3. If you decide to cancel a Bloombox delivery that you were previously scheduled for, you can do this in your profile up to 48 hours before the designated delivery day. If the 48 hour window has lapsed, you can email us at contact@matildasbloombox.com and we will do our best to cancel it for you, if we are unable to cancel it then you will be charged the full price of this delivery.
  4. You can cancel your Matilda’s Bloombox account at any time, but we ask that you give us at least 48 hours’ notice before your next scheduled Bloombox delivery (that way we can let our farmers know so we don’t have blooms that go to waste!) There are two ways you can cancel your account, simply email us at contact@matildasbloombox.com or give us a call at 650.288.5799