Great News! We're now delivering in the Houston and Austin, Texas areas.    

How it Works

We source from local growers

Did you know that California is the flower epicenter of this wonderful country of ours? Right now, due to rising costs and our changing climate, it’s becoming increasingly hard for our growers to make money. That’s why we have committed to buy from local growers. Each week, we change the arrangement in our box so we can rotate our support around different farmers, using the best of what’s in season and perfectly in bloom. We buy a lot from Bay Area growers but also across California and some other states (Oregon is great for Peonies in the summer). We love using all the greens and blooms that are in season for that moment in time. And we’re so thankful for the support of this wonderful community for enabling us to support our growers in this challenging economic environment. For that reason, we don’t do any marketing and we don’t do any fluffy stuff. We focus on the simple things; spending as much money as possible on our flowers, supporting local growers and keeping our price ($39) as cheap as possible so that our growers benefit.
We deliver to your door

We deliver to your door

To enable us to absorb the cost of delivery, each region has a designated delivery day.

  • There's complete flexibility. When you sign up for an account, you just select the days you want a Bloombox delivery. 
  • There's no fixed schedule, you can choose any weeks you want a delivery and build your own schedule. We change the arrangement each week based on what's in season. 
If you want to gift a one off delivery, you can do that too. It's the same price, $39, but we do charge a delivery fee. This enables you to choose the delivery date you want and we deliver across the country. Any deliveries outside our delivery zones are sent with Fedex's overnight priority service. 


The beauty of this process is that you have full creative control of your own bloom-fabulous arrangement. Don't worry, we promise it will look beautiful (we choose blooms that will always compliment each other). The process is much easier than you think and you'll find that, after a couple of tries, you'll be able to take on flower arranging for any occasion. 

We also include an illustrated flower fact card in every box and you'll have access to an arrangement video with clear instructions. We find that most people enjoy the therapeutic moment of "me time" that arranging the flowers brings. It's certainly rare these days to have a couple of minutes to ourselves in the week!