5 Tips For Creating Unforgettable Thanksgiving Table Decor

  1. Start with a crisp, white linen

A clean, elegant tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for any other elements you want to layer on top. Think of this as a stylish but simple base that will make everything else pop.

  1. Choose a striking charger

This is a large, decorative base that other dinnerware can be layered on top of. We love chargers as a way of enhancing your Thanksgiving table decor but they are also a fabulous addition to any big event. If you build up a collection, they can be a perfect way to tie in with the theme of your celebration without having to purchase lots of different dinner sets. Chargers can be surprisingly hard to find and we’d suggest looking online; Etsy is an amazing source.

  1. Add timeless candles and candle holders

We love an old-fashioned vibe for these to create a timeless, sophisticated look to your Thanksgiving table decor. We suggest long, wax candles in a color that matches other hues on the table. Red is a classic choice for the holidays and I chose a sage green for my table this year, for a fresh, vibrant look that also complements our Thanksgiving flower arrangement.

  1. Invest in an eye-catching flatware set

You want consistency on your table and there are so many beautiful options for matching flatware. Mine are a one-of-a-kind set that I love using for every family occasion. They have gold and pearl accents that make them feel really special and unique. My mom has her own set and we like to mix and match when we get together. This one is pricey but is a fabulous example of what an impression you can create with your flatware https://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/neiman-marcus-20-piece-antiqued-gold-versaille-flatware-service-prod190970189

  1. A Thanksgiving flower arrangement that will leave your guests speechless

Ok, ok, I may be a little biased here but decadent florals are absolutely essential. This year, I’m using Magnolia leaves to bring the Thanksgiving table decor to life in a table garland. A garland can be a more versatile way to bring the natural world onto your table as it sits relatively flat and doesn’t impede guests’ view of each other. I also love to start the celebration with a taller, traditional Thanksgiving flower arrangement on the table and then I move this to a side table when we sit down to eat. Sometimes, I like to bring the arrangement back to the table during the dessert course, so the table feels fresh and evolving through the meal.These are a few suggestions for creating truly breathtaking Thanksgiving table decor. Making a table beautiful and welcoming for guests is my way of showing gratitude and love to the people we spend the day with. How do you create a charming tablescape? We’d love to hear your ideas.


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